5 Star Life

5 Star Life is an incredible after school program that focuses on showing Middle School students the value of hard work and dedication to attain a 5 Star Life.

Five Star Life Focuses Programming on Five Key Areas:

  • At-risk Education and Academic Support: Five Star Life challenges students to own their academic success by weekly monitoring of their grades and holding them accountable to the academic goals established during Five Star Life.

  • Workforce Readiness: Throughout the country, employers face a widespread issue of entry-level workers who lack basic skills and workplace etiquette. Five Star Life’s emphasis on character values translates into highly prepared and appropriate workers.
  • Mentoring: Relationship has long been identified as one of the key basic needs for all students. Five Star Life utilizes the passion and dedication of volunteer mentors (coaches) to connect to students and guide them to their highest academic and personal achievements. Extensive measures are taken to ensure coaches have character, can connect with students, and have the capability to help them reach their greatest potential.
  • Character Education: Five Star Life challenges students to change the way they live by changing the way they think. Five Star Life’s Five Core Values are respect, responsibility, integrity, sacrifice, and courage. These values are instilled into students week after week via our proprietary curriculum that includes tangible action steps that mentors (coaches) track and hold students accountable for.
  • Experiential Learning: Five Star Life does not simply teach students the value of academic success and the core values, but also gives them the opportunity to practice it hands-on during day-trips, service projects, and leadership camps.

For more information on this organization or how you can help, please visit http://www.fivestarlife.org/index.html