Social Media Marketing

We can create a Social Media Marketing Plan and Content Strategy to help you stand out against your competition.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Pinterest are the perfect tools to stay in front of your target audience and produce the conversions that you need.  But creating a plan to achieve your goals is not a simple task.  We can help you create a social media marketing plan using a holistic approach, which takes into account your business objectives and goals, budget, and time frame.

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Success Leaves Clues

When customizing a social media marketing plan, we want to look at the clues that other businesses and organizations in your industry have left behind.  Success leaves clues, and those clues are there ready for us to capitalize and improve upon.  We can look at the strategies being used by your competitors, judging their success by their customer and client engagement, and craft something similar while improving upon their strategy.

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Who Are Your Customers

Part of build a social media marketing plan is also knowing and understanding who is in your target market.  If your target marketing is 40 year old men, Instagram is not the place for you to focus your attention.  But if your target marketing is 13-18 year old teenage girls, Instagram is the perfect place to get their attention.  We will make sure that your target audience is a focus of an plan that we create for you.

Ignite Customer Engagement

The final piece to a successful social media marketing plan is ensuring that your target audience or customers are engaging your brand in the social media space.  Engagement is the best way to understand the success of a social media campaign.  Engagement in social media is the primary goal: seeing customers participate in online contests, using your hashtags, and commenting on your social media assets.  We then can track your target audience's engagement to determine the success of your campaign.  From there we loop back around and reiterate with the information we have learned about their engagement.